The Cost of Twitter

Think about it…


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As dedicated bloggers, we have to ask ourselves this question. I know, for sure, I have to ask this question to myself. And while I know the answer is above, I still have to ask myself this question. Did a tool become a medium? Am I mistaking a medium for a tool?

I imagine myself shouting myself hoarse in a bazaar where the preoccupation is about the price of dead fish. Do ideas die in the cacophony of the slur of oneupmanship?

Conversations matter less, in some worlds. What matters, matters less than what matters less. 

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Breathless By Harish Krishnan

Koi jo mila to mujhe aisa lagta tha, jaise meri saari duniya main tweeton ki rut, aur blogon ki barkha hai khushbu ki aandhi hai

Badli hui se ab saari adaayen hain, jaagi ummengein hain, DIGG raha hai dil, saason main tweet hain, hoton pe twitter hain

aakhon main Flickr hain, Flickron main beete hue saare vo lamhe hain, jab koi aaya tha, Facebook pe chhaya tha, Orkut main samaya tha,

Kaise main bataun tumhe, kaise use paaya tha, pyaare se chehre pe bikhri jo Zulfain, to aisa lagta tha jaise follow ke peechhe

ek OS main dhula hua phool khila hai jaise, Gtalk main ik chaand chhupa hai, aur jhaank raha hai jaise Invi ke parde main

ek savera hai roshan roshan DP main, sapnon ka saagar jismain prem sitaron ki Photoshop, Jaise jhalak rahi hai, lahron lahron baat kare to jaise comment barse.

Jaise kahin chandi ki payal goonjey, jaise kahin sheeshe main jaam girey. aur chhann se tootey jaise koi chhip ke unfollow kare,jaise koi Gtalk main block kare, jaise koi flirt karke paas bulaye.

Kaisi meethi Chat thee, vo kaisi Tweetup thee, vo jab maine jaana tha, nazron se kaise pighalte hain dil, aur aarzoo paati hai kaise manzil, aur kaise utarta hai Social Media par, kaise kabhi lagta hai swarg agar hai, to bas hai yahin par, usne Shikaya mujhe, aur samjhaya mujhe.

Hum jo mile hain, hamain aise hi milna tha, gul jo khile hain, unhe aise hi khilna tha,Tweeton ke bandhan, Tweeton ke rishtey hain, jab bhi hum janme to hum yahin milte hain, kaanon main mere jaise, shahed sa ghulne lage, khwaabon ke dar jaise aakhon main khulne lage

Twitter ki duniya bhi kitni haseen aur, kaisi rangeen thee Twitter ki duniya.

Jo kahne ko thee par kahin bhi nahi thee.

Online Friendship!

Online Friendship!

 The term ‘online friendship’ is a very lovable and hated word as well. There is a huge void which has been created between offline friends and online Friends. Is there any difference? Lets analyze. 

The chat phenomena started with the advent of ICQ, IRC and various chat rooms like rediff, yahoo etc! Thousands of people used to visit these chat rooms looking to make friends! In the world there is a good and a bad and so does the technology. This became the avenue for despos and perverts.

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P.V Narasimha Rao

Read this piece on Narasimha Rao! It makes me wonder! Did he deserve the treatment meted out to him by congress?…..Was he alone responsible for the Babri Masjid demolition and not the congress think tank! Did he deserve this kind of humiliation? Was he made the scapegoat of the congress party? Will all those who have been accused will face the same humliliation? I wonder? Continue reading